How do you start working?

Once you click “start now” on the task board in the language pair of your choice, the points and dollar value of the task will appear at the top of the dialog box. Once you complete the translation, please click on the “submit translation” blue box in the bottom right hand corner.  Once submitted you can go back to the task board, “start now” and begin the next task.  If you don’t want to perform that specific task, “skip task”, at the bottom of the dialogue box will take you to the next available task. 

Please accept a task ONLY IF you can start immediately and deliver within the time limit allocated (20 minutes on post machine editing).

We are committed to deadlines – a project that is not delivered on time may be reallocated to another translator to complete. You will not be credited for expired projects that are reallocated to another translator.

Please note that it is up to the customer to decide whether an “Expert” translation is desired. Nonetheless, it is you, the translator, who decides whether or not to take the project.