Translate your Pagewiz site!

1- Log into Pagewiz, and navigate to the page editor: Once on the editing page, click 'Page Settings' followed by 'Scripts' followed by 'Scripts & Styles at the top':


Then click "+Add a new script":


2- Get the Translate code: Open up a new browser window and, if you haven't already, sign up for an account at (or just log in!). Then click 'Website Localizer' on the left, followed by 'Add New Website' to get started: 




Add your domain name, select your site source language as well as all of the languages you want to translate into and click next:



3- Insert the Website Translator code: Back in the Pagewiz script editor, make sure the 'Script Location' is set to 'Head' and give your script a name (for example, 'Website Translator'). Then in the 'You code' section, paste the code snippet from the last step into the box. Once finish, click 'Apply' at the bottom:




4- Ensure that the widget appears in your app:  Click 'Close' in the 'Custom Scripts' menu, and then click the preview button at the top. The Website Translator widget should appear in the bottom right corner of your page. Click to see language options! (Allow around an hour for translations to appear.):