1. - Login to your SpaceCraft account: Then click the gear on the top of the screen and then select 'Users and Roles'. Next to your user click 'Edit' then check the 'Developer' box and press 'Save'.


Next Click on 'Content' at the top of the dashboard. Then click 'Footer'.


Next click the (+)sign and then click the green 'Custom HTML' box.


2. - Get the Translate code snippet: Open up a new browser window and, if you haven't already, sign up for an account at (or just log in!). Then click 'Website Localizer' on the left, followed by 'Add New Website' to get started: 




Add your domain name, select your site source language as well as all of the languages you want to translate into and click next:




Copy the code snippet, which your page will need for the translation (yours will have an actual key rather than just "my-key"), then press 'Finish'.


3. Inset website translator snippet: Now go back to the SpaceCraft window and paste in your snippet of code and click 'Save'.


4. - Verify Widget: Visit your website and verify the widget shows up on the bottom right of the screen.