Translations and Text Replacement

Once the code snippet is placed on your website, sections of text are automatically detected and sent to our servers for translation. Machine translations are provided by default, with the option of ordering professional human translations through our platform! All of your translations can be managed via the Translation Memory page in your customer portal.

Managing your Website’s Translations

Your website translations can all be managed on the Translation Memory page in your customer portal. Here you can manually add, edit, delete, publish, and unpublish the translations on your site. You can also order professional human translations of your website text seamlessly through our platform!

Interaction with your site’s HTML

By default, our Website Translator will detect and translate all text on a page except for certain HTML tags such as <script> <style> <code>, etc. If there are other parts of your page that you do not wish to have translated, you can add either an ignore or notranslate attribute to that HTML element.

Adding the ignore attribute to an element will exclude only that specific element from translation.

<p ignore>This p tag has an 'ignore' attribute and will not be translated.</p>

Adding the notranslate attribute to an element will exclude that element, AND all of its child elements from translation.

<div notranslate>
  <p>My parent div tag has a 'notranslate' attribute so I will not be translated.</p>
  <p>Neither will I. <span>Or me!</span></p>