Image Localization

By turning on the “Localize Images” option, our Website Translator can automatically detect and replace images on your site with localized versions. For example, if you wish to show a different banner image on your homepage to your visitors who speak German, place that image file in the same folder as your original banner image, and simply add the language code for German to the filename like so:


images-folder/banner.jpg - Original version

images-folder/banner@de.jpg - German version


The “Localize Background Images” option is also available for your background images using the same concept!

Also using Retina.js on your site? No problem! Our library is conveniently compatible. If your visitor is viewing your website on a high-resolution display, our Website Translator can automatically replace your @2x images with their localized versions.

Simply place the localized high-resolution version of your image in the same folder:


images-folder/banner@2x.jpg - Original Retina version

images-folder/banner@de@2x.jpg - German Retina version