Shopify App Usage

To get started using the Website Translator Shopify App:

1. First install the Website Translator App in to your Store

Head to your store admin page, then click "Apps" followed by "Visit Shopify App Store":



Then search for "Website Translator", click on the app that appears (which will look like this):



Then click 'Get' to install and authorize the app. Once you do, you'll be greeted with a page to enter in your site specific settings (as seen below, although yours will have more options!):



2- Get the Website Key: If you already have your Website Key, skip ahead to the next step. Otherwise, open up a new browser window and sign up for an account at (or just log in!). Then click 'Website Localizer' on the left, followed by 'Add New Website' to get started: 




Add your domain name to the 'Website URL'.  Below that, select the source language of your website and the languages you would like translated.  Once you have selected all the languages you would like translated, click next:




Copy the Website Key, which your page will need for the translation (Your key will be right where the red box is on the image below.):


3. Set your Website Translator settings

Paste your Website Key into the box and you're ready to translate! However, there are several more options you can choose to set (all are automatically set to the defaults when first installed):


Remember Language- Remember the user's selected language for the next time the visit.

Guess Language- Attempt to guess the user's preferred language based on their browser settings.

Translate Meta- Translate the meta tags (keywords and description) of your site.

Localize Images- Replace images on your site with their localized version. (eg. image1.jpg to image1@fr.jpg)

Localize Background Images- Replace background images on your site with their localized version. (eg. bg-image.png to bg-image@nl.png)

Localize Media- Replace HTML5 audio and video on your site with their localized version. (eg. video1.mp4 video1@zh.mp4)


4. Make sure the widget appears on your store!

Now you should see the Website Translator widget appear in your store! By default, it will appear in the bottom right hand corner, but it can be changed to appear on the left hand side on the settings page for your site (found here). It will display the current language, and display the options for translation when you hover over it:

Not hovering:





Note: in can take up to an hour for your first translations to be ready.

More questions? Check out the FAQs here.